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Venue: Rheola - list of uplifts

InformationRaces (23)Uplifts (25)Competitors (1947)

25 races found
Date RaceCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
19th Nov 2016WDMBA - Uplift---
18th Jun 2016WDMBA - Uplift---
21st May 2016WDMBA - Uplift---
23rd Apr 2016WDMBA - Uplift---
11th Apr 2015WDMBA - Uplift---
7th Mar 2015WDMBA - Uplift---
1st Mar 2014WDMBA - Uplift---
1st Feb 2014WDMBA - Uplift---
24th Nov 2012WDMBA - Uplift---
13th Oct 2012WDMBA - Uplift---
7th Jul 2012WDMBA - Uplift---
14th Apr 2012WDMBA - Uplift---
25th Feb 2012WDMBA - Uplift---
11th Feb 2012WDMBA - Uplift---
12th Nov 2011WDMBA - Uplift---
11th Sep 2011WDMBA - Uplift---
4th Jun 2011WDMBA - Uplift---
5th Mar 2011WDMBA - Uplift---
22nd Jan 2011WDMBA - Uplift---
27th Nov 2010WDMBA - Uplift---
23rd Oct 2010WDMBA - Uplift---
25th Sep 2010WDMBA - Uplift---
11th Sep 2010WDMBA - Uplift---
21st Aug 2010WDMBA - Uplift---
3rd Apr 2010WDMBA - Uplift---

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