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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
23rd Aug 20202020 Inside Line SA Series #1 (The Mixer)199Troy BROSNAN1:43.77Shelly FLOOD2:13.07
21st Jul 20192019 Inside Line SA Series #4 (The Mixer)170Cameron RYAN (elt)2:44.30Shelly FLOOD3:17.09
15th Jul 20182018 Inside Line SA Series #4 (Mixer wit…)148Callum DAWES1:55.07Shelly FLOOD2:21.51
23rd Jul 20172017 Inside Line SA Series #4152Callum MORRISON2:11.62Philippa ROSTAN2:41.56
24th Jul 20162016 Inside Line SA Series #4110Conor CLANCY2:35.65Phillippa NORTON3:25.40
29th May 20162016 Inside Line SA Series #2177Conor CLANCY1:56.98Shelly FLOOD2:23.05
16th Aug 20152015 Inside Line SA Series #5 (Version 2)140Curtis DOWDELL1:56.02Shelly FLOOD2:27.46
17th May 20152015 Inside Line SA Series #2173Connor FEARON1:51.50Tori BILNEY3:18.48
3rd Aug 20142014 Inside Line SA Series #5 (Version 2)132Cameron RYAN (elt)1:57.69Moira LOVE2:52.47
15th Jun 20142014 Inside Line SA Series #3 (Version 1)153Angus MADDERN1:59.52Moira LOVE2:52.88
19th Jan 20142014 Australian National Series #1125Connor FEARON2:00.89Tegan MOLLOY2:25.79
16th Jun 20132013 Inside Line SA Series #3217Will RISCHBIETH1:53.21Laura KELLY2:55.97
8th Jul 20122012 Inside Line SA Series #4180Will RISCHBIETH1:59.36Jolene KNIGHT2:31.24
26th Feb 2012MTBA - Australian DH National Champs '12 186Troy BROSNAN1:59.05Tracey HANNAH2:15.07
2nd Oct 2011Inside Line MTB - State Champs137Troy BROSNAN2:01.43Molly PAYNE3:43.40
10th Apr 20112011 Inside Line SA Series #1129Connor FEARON2:00.84Molly PAYNE2:47.46
27th Feb 2011MTBA - Australian DH National Champs '11 212Mick HANNAH2:02.36Leonie PICTON2:31.27
3rd Oct 2010Inside Line MTB - State Champs128Troy BROSNAN1:53.57Emily HOCKEY2:40.87
17th Jan 2010MTBA - Australian DH National Champs '10279Chris KOVARIK1:56.03Claire BUCHAR2:18.46
4th Oct 2009Inside Line MTB - State Champs150Troy BROSNAN1:55.05Emily HOCKEY2:31.26
2nd Nov 20082008/09 Australian National Series #1270Jared GRAVES2:02.44Claire WHITEMAN2:30.36
4th Nov 20072007/08 Australian National Series #1223Will RISCHBIETH2:31.02Claire WHITEMAN3:08.91
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