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15th Sep 2024


2024 Tweedlove Enduro Series #3








8th Sep 20242024 SDA DH #5-
25th Aug 2024Tweedlove - Hope Enjoyro EVO p/b Ridelines-
15th Jun 2024Tweedlove - Hope Enjoyro p/b Ridelines-
21st May 20232023 YT Industries Tweedlove Triple Crown #2 - King & Queen of the Mountain 300Jake EBDON12:26.03Chloe TAYLOR14:30.75
29th Apr 2023Tweedlove - Hope Enjoyro p/b Ridelines 394Kyle RINDER6:59.00Nicky HJERPE8:14.00
2nd Apr 20232023 SDA DH #1 221Danny HART (elt)2:58.91Phoebe GALE3:30.80
23rd Oct 20222022 Scottish Enduro Series #3 390Corey WATSON15:14.59Polly HENDERSON18:44.51
21st Aug 20222022 SDA DH #5 193George GANNICOTT3:05.30Jess STONE3:41.87
5th Jun 20222022 Enduro World Series #1 741Richie RUDE17:35.12n/a
2nd Jun 20222022 Enduro World Series-E #1 107Edgar CARBALLO GONZALEZ34:37.24Laura CHARLES40:43.29
23rd Apr 2022Tweedlove - Ridelines Enjoyro 404Ally BIRKS8:19.00Maxine YATES9:26.00
3rd Oct 20212021 Enduro World Series - Vittoria Tweed Valley 568Martin MAES23:53.12Bex BARAONA28:50.89
30th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #3 91Nicolas VOUILLOZ40:16.12Tracy MOSELEY47:10.57
19th Sep 20212021 Tweedlove Triple Crown #3 - Pirelli Tenduro 399Corey WATSON11:35.93Jess STONE14:46.62
18th Sep 2021Tweedlove - Tweedlove Frog Bikes Short Circuit-
18th Sep 2021Tweedlove - Tweedlove Frog Bikes Family Ride -
18th Sep 2021Tweedlove - Ridelines Enjoyro 337Jaco FAULCONER16:42.00Katy Kaos MCGOWAN18:22.00
18th Sep 2021Tweedlove - Bosch eMTB Challenge 140James DART30:56.35Helen GASKELL32:02.89
18th Sep 2021Tweedlove - Airbag -
8th Aug 2021


2021 HSBC UK | DH National Series #2












1st Aug 20212021 Tweedlove Triple Crown #2 - Pirelli King & Queen of the Hill 429Corey WATSON14:02.21Katy WINTON16:37.66
19th Sep 20202020 Tweedlove Triple Crown #3 - King & QueenEVENT CANCELLED
9th Aug 20202020 HSBC UK | DH National Series #4EVENT CANCELLED
14th Jun 20202020 Borders Mini DH #3EVENT CANCELLED
31st May 20202020 Tweedlove Triple Crown #1 - TenduroEVENT CANCELLED
17th May 20202020 POC Scottish Enduro Series #2EVENT CANCELLED
16th May 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #2 - Scottish Enduro SeriesEVENT CANCELLED
12th Apr 20202020 Borders Mini DH #1EVENT CANCELLED
18th Aug 2019


2019 BEMBA National Enduro Series #5




Christopher GALLAGHER (elt)








7th Jul 20192019 Borders Mini DH #4-
9th Jun 2019Tweedlove - Transcenduro Boost 91William BRODIE11:40.62Emily CARRICK-ANDERSON13:56.91
9th Jun 2019Tweedlove - Transcend Epic 2019 114Thomas MITCHELL1h04:20.49Ellie MAXFIELD1h22:10.02
9th Jun 2019Tweedlove - Ridelines Enjoyro 238Callum HAY (u21)9:40.00Janey KENNEDY10:29.00
9th Jun 2019Tweedlove - Bosch eMTB Challenge 50Darren HOWARTH18:54.65Tracy MOSELEY19:44.24
8th Jun 20192019 Tweedlove Triple Crown #2 - Transcenduro 326Christopher GALLAGHER (elt)18:47.65Bex BARAONA21:23.63
19th May 2019


2019 POC Scottish Enduro Series #2












21st Apr 20192019 Borders Mini DH #1 128Charlie DREWELL1:27.44Phoebe GALE1:42.50
7th Apr 20192019 SDA #2 195Reece WILSON2:46.76Jess STONE3:34.42
2nd Sep 2018Tweedlove - Tour O The Borders-
17th Jun 20182018 SDA #3 162Reece WILSON3:05.27Mikayla PARTON4:07.60
20th May 20182018 POC Scottish Enduro Series #2 310Lewis BUCHANAN23:20.71Ella CONOLLY29:13.89
29th Apr 20182018 UK Gravity Enduro #1 233Leigh JOHNSON21:09.97Katy WINTON24:22.32
1st Apr 20182018 Borders Mini DH #1 130James WILSON (exp)1:31.22Aimi KENYON2:01.35
20th Aug 2017Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hill 362Lewis BUCHANAN15:29.60Eilidh WELLS22:06.51
13th Aug 20172017 POC Scottish Enduro Series #4 271Gary FORREST22:34.16Polly HENDERSON28:36.55
22nd Jul 2017Air Maiden - MaidEnduro-
2nd Jul 20172017 Borders Mini DH #4 93Douglas THOMPSON1:31.13Mieke KALMIJN2:00.09
23rd Apr 20172017 SDA #2 239Lewis BUCHANAN2:50.47Katy WINTON3:26.51
9th Apr 2017BUCS - DH Student Champs '17 229Jono JONES (elt)2:54.64Manon CARPENTER3:25.81
12th Mar 20172017 Borders Mini DH #1 107Liam HIGGINS (exp)1:44.03Charlotte HIGGINS (jun)2:24.53
9th Oct 20162016 Cannondale British Enduro Series #5 155Pete WILLIAMS14:31.32Bex BARAONA16:56.56
23rd Sep 2016Northern Downhill - Innerleithen TTEVENT CANCELLED
21st Aug 2016Tweedlove - King & Queen of the hill 372Gary FORREST17:14.00Katy WINTON21:42.00
23rd Jul 2016Air Maiden - MaidEnduro 63n/aJaney KENNEDY9:18.00
12th Jun 20162016 Borders Mini DH #4 49Conner SUMMERS1:28.77Aimi KENYON2:23.62
8th May 20162016 Borders Mini DH #3 63Kyle MCGEOGHIE1:19.55Polly HENDERSON1:45.32
24th Apr 20162016 SDA #2 283Ben CATHRO2:46.88Deborah PRIMROSE3:43.84
13th Mar 20162016 Borders Mini DH #157Liam HIGGINS (exp)1:15.85Skye DONNELLY2:07.48
18th Oct 20152015 POC Scottish Enduro Series #6 343Keir COUPLAND15:26.00Donna DEVLIN20:32.00
14th Jun 20152015 Borders Mini DH #532Ross SWINTON1:41.08Cairn BELL2:13.56
19th Apr 2015BUCS - DH Student Champs '15 325Jono JONES (elt)3:16.01Bex BARAONA4:27.51
5th Apr 2015


2015 Borders Mini DH #4








Cairn BELL




29th Mar 20152015 SDA #1 288Greg WILLIAMSON2:46.49Rona STRIVENS4:05.06
8th Mar 20152015 POC Scottish Enduro Series #1 363Greg CALLAGHAN25:20.00n/a
19th Oct 20142014 POC Scottish Enduro Series #5 257Joe BARNES (mas)19:49.00Roslynn NEWMAN28:50.00
17th Aug 20142014 SDA #4 201Ben CATHRO3:07.74Jess STONE3:53.65
20th Jul 2014Borderline Events - UK DH National Champs '14 305Josh BRYCELAND2:53.24Rachel ATHERTON3:20.01
25th May 20142014 UK Gravity Enduro #2 384Nicolas LAU17:10.00Helen GASKELL20:49.99
6th Apr 20142014 POC Scottish Enduro Series #2 271Greg CALLAGHAN23:10.00Jess STONE29:43.00
23rd Mar 20142014 SDA #1 316Josh BRYCELAND3:01.80Jess STONE3:53.60
30th Nov 2013Innerleithen MTB Racing - Alpine Bikes Day/Night 135Joe BARNES (mas)24:57.00Jess STONE32:45.00
27th Oct 20132013 Inners Mini DH #3 84Frazer MCCUBBING1:30.00Rosy MONAGHAN2:17.00
29th Sep 20132013 Inners Mini DH #2 82Joseph MALLEN1:28.00Rona STRIVENS1:52.00
25th Aug 20132013 Inners Mini DH #1 86Jamie STEWART (sen1)1:32.00Lauren BEATY2:06.00
2nd Jun 20132013 Saracen BDS #3 320Adam BRAYTON2:29.56Rachel ATHERTON2:50.43
28th Apr 20132013 UK Gravity Enduro #2 333Mark SCOTT (elt)30:52.20Tracy MOSELEY34:03.00
21st Apr 20132013 SDA #1 295Adam BRAYTON3:14.36Rachael WALKER4:33.58
14th Apr 20132013 Innerduro #3EVENT CANCELLED
3rd Mar 20132013 Innerduro #2 152Joe BARNES (mas)21:25.00Katy WINTON28:18.00
24th Feb 20132013 Borderline Events UK DH #1 193Lewis BUCHANAN2:55.32Lottie MALLIN-MARTIN4:29.32
3rd Feb 20132013 Innerduro #1 160Gary FORREST22:08.00Helen GASKELL32:25.00
4th Nov 20122012 Inners Mini DH #3 76James PURVIS1:33.21Lottie MALLIN-MARTIN2:03.43
3rd Nov 2012Innerleithen MTB Racing - Full Beam day/night 51Steven TURNBULL2:32.97Roslynn NEWMAN3:23.64
30th Sep 20122012 Inners Mini DH #2 58Calum MCGEE1:30.19Lauren BEATY1:58.87
26th Aug 20122012 Inners Mini DH #1 66Chris REYNOLDS1:25.66Lauren BEATY2:01.09
17th Jun 20122012 iXS European Cup #3 217Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM3:02.06Jess STONE3:55.08
16th Jun 2012Innerleithen MTB Racing - Mini DH44Jamie STEWART (sen1)1:31.49Lauren BEATY1:59.90
26th May 2012Tweedlove - Mini DH72Calum MCGEE1:51.69Lauren BEATY2:22.87
22nd Apr 20122012 SDA #1 304Fraser MCGLONE2:56.95Rachael WALKER4:05.60
25th Mar 20122012 Fetish Bike Gravity Enduro Series #1 286Jerome CLEMENTZ27:13.00Tracy MOSELEY30:58.00
4th Mar 20122012 Alpine Winter #3 - DH 156Josh BRYCELAND3:12.89Angela FOSTER4:36.77
18th Feb 20122012 Alpine Winter #2 - Day/Night Enduro 118Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON20:19.00Angela FOSTER36:27.00
12th Feb 20122012 Fetish Bike DH Series #1 130Adam BRAYTON3:01.57Lottie MALLIN-MARTIN4:35.25
29th Jan 20122012 Alpine Winter #1 - Enduro 138Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON23:25.00Katy WINTON29:05.00
19th Nov 2011Innerleithen MTB Racing - Day/Night Enduro 124Gary FORREST18:00.00Emma GUY24:34.00
30th Oct 20112011 Inners Mini DH #3 105Rob PICKARD1:11.00Rebecca KENNEDY1:38.00
18th Sep 20112011 SDA #4 313Joe BARNES (mas)3:11.21Katy WINTON4:09.13
28th Aug 20112011 Inners Mini DH #2 67Calum MCRITCHIE1:09.00Rebecca KENNEDY1:44.00
31st Jul 20112011 Inners Mini DH #149Lewis BUCHANAN56.00sRona STRIVENS1:05.00
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