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DateEvent Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
21st May 20232023 iXS Downhill Cup #1 533Phil ATWILL1:36.88Nina HOFFMANN1:50.50
20th May 2023iXS - Dirtmasters Slopestyle-
20th May 20232023 4x Pro Tour #144Gustaw DĄDELAJosie MCFALL
19th May 2023iXS - TSG Whip-off p/b SPANK-
19th May 2023iXS - German Enduro National Champs '23 & Orbea Rookies Challenge 449Jack MOIR8:03.72Raphaela RICHTER9:19.99
18th May 20232023 VPACE Kids Cup #1 98Carlo KLINGE52.10sLea KÜNZEL1:01.40
18th May 20232023 PROPAIN Rookies Cup #1 207Oliver VOGL1:48.25Rosa ZIERL2:01.13
29th May 20222022 iXS Downhill Cup #2 512Tristan BOTTERAM1:44.86Tracey HANNAH1:56.57
28th May 20222022 4x Pro Tour #247Tomáš SLAVÍKMichaela HÁJKOVÁ
26th May 20222022 VPACE Kids Cup #2 -
26th May 20222022 iXS DH Rookies Cup #1 197Harrison SCHOFIELD2:08.40Rosa Marie JENSEN2:18.08
19th Sep 20212021 iXS Downhill Cup #4 505Julian STEINER1:42.59Justine WELZEL2:04.62
17th Sep 20212021 4x Pro Tour #325Mikuláš NEVRKLAJosie MCFALL
20th Sep 20202020 iXS Downhill Cup #2CANCELLED
22nd May 20202020 4x Pro Tour #2CANCELLED
2nd Jun 20192019 iXS Downhill Cup #2522Theo ERLANGSEN1:36.65Izabela YANKOVA1:55.61
31st May 2019


2019 European 4x/dual #3 [Gold]




Benedikt LAST






30th May 20192019 iXS Rookies Cup #1223Henri KIEFER1:45.41Saskia KRÜGER2:30.47
13th May 20182018 iXS Downhill Cup #1 541Andreas KRIEGER1:47.92Abigail HOGIE2:00.60
13th May 20182018 4x Pro Tour #1118Felix BECKEMANRomana LABOUNKOVÁ
10th May 20182018 iXS Rookies Cup #1 222Robin NOVOTNY1:48.79Laurence VUYLSTEKE2:16.33
28th May 20172017 iXS German Cup #1493Greg WILLIAMSON1:40.88Morgane CHARRE1:57.33
27th May 20172017 4x Pro Tour #2130Felix BECKEMANRomana LABOUNKOVÁ
25th May 20172017 iXS Rookies Cup #1 211Tristan BOTTERAM1:48.91Agnes HEGGER2:14.77
16th May 20162016 iXS Rookies Cup #1 200Max WEGENER1:58.13Justine WELZEL2:18.06
15th May 20162016 4x Pro Tour #2144Tomáš SLAVÍKNatasha BRADLEY
15th May 20162016 iXS German Cup #1 542Eddie MASTERS1:54.24Morgane CHARRE2:12.05
25th May 20152015 iXS Rookies Cup #2191Jan FLOR1:46.74Valentina HÖLL1:57.42
24th May 20152015 4x Pro Tour #1166Quentin DERBIERHelene Valerie FRUHWIRTH
24th May 20152015 iXS German Cup #1 540Nick BEER1:57.69Kim SCHWEMMER2:16.82
1st Jun 20142014 iXS German Cup #1522Johannes FISCHBACH2:04.25Morgane CHARRE2:30.62
30th May 2014


2014 4x Pro Tour #2










29th May 20142014 iXS Rookies Cup #2256Pol MARIN TRILLO2:38.34Valentina HÖLL3:05.62
20th May 20132013 iXS German Cup #1517Gee ATHERTON2:05.66Anita AGER-WICK2:46.00
19th May 20132013 Euro 4x #167Tomáš SLAVÍKKaty CURD
17th May 20132013 iXS Rookies Cup #1242Frédéric ABBOU2:20.30Pia Isabella KLOPFLEISCH2:49.99
20th May 20122012 iXS German Cup #1520Mick HANNAH2:14.57Diana MARGGRAFF3:00.43
20th May 20122012 Specialized Enduro #1253Jerome CLEMENTZ10:23.15Anita GEHRIG15:13.51
20th May 20122012 Euro 4x #170Tomáš SLAVÍKKaty CURD
17th May 20122012 iXS Rookies Cup #1283Bernd SCHUMACHER2:21.12Risa SUSEANTY2:44.53
5th Jun 20112011 iXS German Cup #1513Marcus KLAUSMANN1:48.51Antje KRAMER2:04.09
2nd Jun 20112011 iXS Rookies Cup #1273Daniel BRISCHKE2:00.19Michèle QUINT2:33.05
24th May 20102010 iXS Rookies Cup #1229Janik WEBER1:59.98Janine FOERSTER2:26.68
23rd May 20102010 iXS German Cup #1566Aaron GWIN1:48.65Sabrina JONNIER2:06.27
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